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Helmepuu poes on valikus helmed ja ehete tarvikud erinevate ehete valmistamiseks.

Loodan, et leiate endale Helmepuu lehtedelt meelepärased helmed ja helmetöödeks vajaliku.


You can choose between the following postal services to get your order (only in Estonia. Ask the price for foreign country. We do not send packages outside the European Union.):

Order more than 20 € and get free delivery.(only in Estonia. Ask the price for foreign country):

Order value less than 20 €: ( only in Estonia. Ask the price for foreign country):

  • SmartPost 2.30 € - Packets are moving quickly and conveniently to parcel terminals . More information on the parcel terminals.
  • Omniva (Post24) courier 2.60 € – Parcel moves into parcel terminals near your house
  • Eesti Post Signer-for parcel 3.00 €
  • Maxi letter (ordinary letter) 1.40€  - weight of the package up to 250g and height up to 2cm.
  • Additional order 0 € - If you have already made one order and discovered that something was still missing, then while making new order please mark “Additional order” for the transportation. If you have already paid the first invoice, and you want to make additional orders, please check whether the first order was already completed or not.
  • Ask the price for foreign country
  • We do not send packages outside the European Union.

Order will be sent within three business days starting from the date of payment. We are not posting parcels on weekends and holidays.

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